Principles of Design Poster by Efil Türk.

The turkey based designer named Efil has crafted a beautiful series of poster showing the principles of design only using paper. Cutting pieces of paper, juxtaposing the pieces, pasting geometrical shapes and using simple typography is the formula of this beautiful series. She mention that you can actually buy them.

Find more inspiration: visualvib.es


Andy Burgess

1. Villa Heyrovsky by architect Lois Welzenbacher (in Zell am Zee/ Austria).

2. Pool House Study.

3. The Kaufman House, Palm Springs.

4. Modern House, Brazil I.

5.  LA Modern.

6. Modernist House Brazil, (study).

7.  Sinatra House Study.

(Source: abnewpainting.blogspot.co.uk)


Nina Lindgren’s Elaborate Cardboard Architecture, now on Hi-Fructose.


Icelandic Landscapes Jens Fersterra


A ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse is a rare phenomenon that occurs when the moon’s orbit is at its apogee: the part of its orbit farthest away from the Earth. Because the moon is so far away, it seems smaller than normal to the human eye. The result is that the moon doesn’t entirely block out our view of the sun, but leaves an “annulus,” or ring of sunlight glowing around it. Hence the term  “annular” eclipse rather than a “total” eclipse.

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